All of our coaching staff arecertified through Waterski and Wakeboard Canada with level 1 and some of the only coaches in Ontario with level 2 certifications. Whether its your first time or you’re looking to perfect your flips, spins and rail moves we’ve got you covered. Simply give us a call and book your lessons today! Let us help you reach your potential!  phone: 647.225.WAKE


Name:  Drew Austin

Age:  26

Position at the Ranch:  Manager, head coach, and athlete developer

Coaching experience: Level 2 WSWC certified, 2nd year at the Ranch, former Basecamp instructor.

Bio: Drew got his start out on the water at the age of 10 when his father brought home a kneeboard. After perfecting the surface 1440 on the kneeboard, Drew wanted more, and decided to try out wakeboarding. The first time up on the water, he knew that that was where his heart laid, and never looked back. Since then Drew quickly began learning all kinds of flips and spins behind the boat, and began competing in provincial competitions where he made the podium in many events. Drew began travelling down to Florida every winter to ride the cable parks with friends. As soon as the Ranch Wakepark opened up, he began working there and riding the cable everyday, and is still today continuing on the path of being a competitive cable rider.


Name:  Braden ioi

Age:  21

Position at the Ranch:  Head wakeskate coach, videographer, cable driver, grounds keeper

Coaching experience: Level 1 WSWB certified

Bio: Being a summer baby, Braden naturally loves to be in the water. His childhood summers were filled with swimming, playing on the beach and going on boat rides. The idea of wakeboarding was first brought to Braden’s attention when his older brothers brought a ‘ski-tech’ wakeboard up to the cottage. His grandfathers bow rider now had more meaning than tubing and fishing. Quickly he fell in love with the lifestyle and challenge the sport brought. The only set back was that his boat hardly had a wake decent enough for the wakeboard tricks, so he combined his love for skateboarding with wakeboarding. Fast forward to today, Braden is a competitive Cable wakeskater taking two first place finishes in his rookie season last summer. He continues to try to push his limits and bring the skateboarding style to the water.


Name: Jono Boysen
Age: 28
Position at the Ranch: Owner, Coach
Coaching Experience : Level 2 National Coach, wakeskate national team manager

Bio:  From the tender age of 5 Jono started water skiing and never looked back, he eventually like most kids his age tried wakeboarding and fell in love at the age of 12.  After a few years competing he start focusing on judging, coaching and eventually fell in love with wakeskating and cable riding around 16. A few years later he went on to win the Canadian National Championships for Wakeskating and compete in the pro division of Wakestock. He has since hung his competition shoes to focus more on volunteering behind the scenes of grassroots contests and pushing for Cable park development across Canada. 


Bio’s coming soon for  - Addison Farr, Mitch Bertrand, Scott Boysen, Austin Farr, Christian Primerose